Key aspects of my work:
translations are completed with utmost care

all possible doubts are resolved with available sources (both printed and electronic) or specialists’ help; texts are translated by me only and proofread at least twice as to their conformity with the original and rules of the target language

the style of the original is maintained

this aspect, oft-neglected as it is, should be given the same priority as correctness, for it is central to every text

deadlines are met as agreed

no matter how time-consuming a translation may be, the deadlines are always kept. This applies to the agreed pay as well, which depends on a text’s technicality, volume and deadline

Translating life sciences is as demanding as it is rewarding

From case reports to pharmaceutical patents, product leaflets and literature screening: all of these require a unique approach to translation.

By attention to detail I help my clients communicate and connect users of Polish with the English-speaking world.

It would be a pleasure for me to help in your translation needs in medicine, pharmaceuticals, chemistry and patent documents

Piotr Paryzek, Ph.D.